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FVN Alliance Inc.


  • FVN Alliance is a highly professional Canadian IT Company established in 2006 by System Integration Specialists from Canada, Europe and Latin America as a result of a FVN Network Project - worldwide VoIP network connecting more than 1000 telecom companies, with more than 2,500,000 participants - one of the largest free voice network in the industry.

  • We started providing telecom technical consulting to help new companies to get established with all the required equipment, collocations, software, licensing with business analytics and maintenance.
  • After that, we started our own Telecom service extended with video/audio/network security, access control and network management for businesses.
  • Now we added Cloud and Hybrid software on top of existing services.

Our Mission

  • Modern Business Environment more and more complicated. Our goal - to simplify and optimize it.
  • Our mission is to create practical and efficient ways for everyday business needs.
  • Doing research and development, optimization and engineering, testing and modeling we are able to position itself as a top competitor on Business Support market.
  • We will gladly address all your individual needs to best fit you and your business.

What We Do

  • Based on the combination of unique knowledge and advanced experience in creating and supporting business, FVN Alliance is primary focus on creating new solutions and optimizing existing business processes.
  • FVN Alliance Inc. provides business telecom services on its own telecom network. Strong relations with telecom providers in combination with modern technology and knowledgeable employees give FVN ability to efficiently and effectively provide the highest quality service to clients.
  • FVN Alliance Inc. provides Universal Office Cabling for Alarm and Security service, Data, Voice and Video cabling for office local network, Video Surveillance service and Office Phone Service
  • FVN Alliance implements solutions for Access Control Service and Data Security for client offices and warehouses.
  • FVN Alliance use own Hybrid Cloud and Business PORTAL Environment to provide clients with modern information services.


Through the use of our own facilities and advanced knowledge combined with industry experience, FVN Alliance is able to provide many services to our clients. The following activities support our goal in providing simple, practical and effective flows of communication.

Telecom Licensing

FVN Alliance Inc. provides licensing for telecom companies in Canada, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic and CIS countries.

This activity includes

  • Ability and requirements consulting
  • Preparation of all needed documents

Maintenance Services

FVN Alliance Inc. prioritizes technical advising, consulting and training services for telecom companies, there not only creating solutions to problems but providing managers with long-term knowledge as well.

This activity includes

  • Regular network monitoring
  • Technical and emergency support
  • Technical staff on-site or remote training

Collocation Facilities

FVN Alliance Inc. operates on several continents (North America, Latin America and Europe) with our own top-level facilities at Data Centers in Toronto, Buenos Aires, London, Frankfurt and Moscow. FVN Alliance Inc. offers the collocation facility service for telecom and media companies.

This activity includes

  • Collocation space and internet bandwidth
  • Reliable virtual servers
  • Hosting telecom, media and information applications
  • Interconnections with Internet and TDM National operators

Testing and Modeling

FVN Alliance Inc. creates debugging and testing procedures for telecom equipment vendors with real models and organizes test flows in our own Test LAB facilities.

This activity includes

  • Beta testing for new products
  • Function and productivity testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • New equipment certification

Optimization and Engineering

FVN Alliance Inc. analyzes existing systems in order to create optimal recommendations for structure and function performance that requires special engineering and adjustments.

Including but not limited to

  • The use of professional methods and modern tools for gathering telecommunication data flows
  • Implementing reliable structures and solutions
  • Replacing dysfunctional elements to avoid problems from bottle necking and re-occurring

Research and Development

FVN Alliance Inc. places strong emphasis on the research and development aspect for new technical solutions and integration approaches.

This primary activity includes

  • Creating integration tools for system interaction
  • Developing intermediate connections between different systems and components
  • Creating interfaces for existing system environment
  • Creating integration tools for system interaction
  • Developing intermediate connections between different systems and components
  • Creating interfaces for existing system environment


FVN Alliance Inc delivers integrated and affordable network, phone, computers and other business services to any size of businesses. FVN realizes that many businesses do not have the resources to hire administrative staff who have the broad range of skills needed to keep business company competitive. FVN was founded to deliver support services to business companies and firms. Our experienced professionals can address your concerns and offer integrated solutions to ensure successful outcomes and allow attention to remain focused on expanding your business opportunities. FVN offers a one-hand place to allow business owners to save time and money.

Office Phone System

Office Digital Phone System - in rent with Technical Support - Up to 100 extensions, Intercom, Paging, Analog, Digital or Soft phones, Any external lines: analog, digital, SIP trunks Any provider: Bell, Rogers, Vonage, We install, configure, support and provide our Digital Trunks and Phone Lines...

Paging and Intercom

Paging System helps to make loud announcement in office, building or warehouse without having to call every single person as well as background office music.
Our door Intercom System integrated with office phone system allows answering from any extension with ability to make a conversation and open the door. Can work separate or with Access Control System.
We design, implement and support this systems using our own or marker known equipment.


Bring your creativity to life with our amazing new integrated printer/cutter, photorealistic quality printing at max 1440 dpi resolution, with 3 different dot sizes. Generation of smooth and beautiful images without graining, even when printing in four color mode. Our printer includes Raster Link Pro full featured software that allows us to produce; contour-cut


Business Internet Service: Business high speed Internet up to 6Mbps on DSL is $80 monthly Business high speed Internet up to 25Mbps on Cable is $100 monthly Unlimited regular traffic usage All required equipment LAN/WAN connection Local Network support with up to 100 network devices Static Public IP Office

Access Control

Protect your business, your assets, your files, executive offices, server room, warehouse your privacy and more with an access control system. Employee safety, turnover, internal and external losses are all challenges every business faces. No need to give employees keys, with an access control system you control where and when

Office Cloud

Office Cloud accumulates all office business needs in one solution providing Network and Computer Service, Phone Service, Print/Scan/FAX Services, Internet access and Web service. Phone Service: Business Number with professional Auto-Attendant system, corporate greeting, switching by departments and extensions. Voice mails by extension as well as general greeting without overflow

Video Surveillance

Remote access and monitoring gives access from Local Network or Internet with login and password protection, from PC, Netbook or cell phone, from Web Brawser or Special Application. Digital Video Recoder (DVR) can be connected to a regular computer monitor or TV...

Business Phone Service

We support different types of connections: direct lines, with existing old PBX, with new digital PBX. Direct Lines: In this way phones directly connected to FVN Alliance phone network without requirements for any additions equipment. Can be used new digital phones or existing regular analog phones with digital adapters. Limited inter-office functionality...

Alarm and Security

FVN Alliance Inc, can monitor your home for burglary, fire/smoke, low temperature, flood and more. Our ULC listed home security monitoring station will follow approved protocols and procedures to notify you and your emergency contacts of activity in your home that could be cause for concern. When necessary, the central station will dispatch the appropriate authorities to the premises....


FVN Alliance Inc

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675 Cochrane Drive, East Tower,
6th floor, Markham, Ontario,
L3R 0B8, Canada

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